Most Blessed Trinity Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

Most Blessed Trinity offers religious education for students from K-8 in our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP). Joelle Bretz is Most Blessed Trinity's new Coordinator of Religious Education.  We offer PREP classes at the Church and the Chapel. These classes promote knowlege and love of Jesus and his Church. Included in this is Sacramental Preparation. 

PREP will begin on October 4th.  Since COVID-19 has changed the look of education and church it is also changing how we will conduct PREP this year too.  We will have a home-school program with homework to be completed.  Please contact the church office if a new student needs to register but returning students please complete the form below to update your information. 


Returning PREP Student Update

Student name: _______________________________________________

Parent's names:_______________________________________________

Email: ______________________ Phone number: ____________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Do you have a computer access/internet? Yes or No



Takes place before the Sunday Mass at the Church from 9:00 - 10:15 AM.



Stella Durkin is our Chapel PREP Location Supervisor. Chapel PREP takes place after the Sunday Mass at the Chapel from 10:15 - 11:30 AM.


Please contact the Rectory to register for PREP!

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